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Contact Us

University of Florida
College of Agricultural and Life Sciences
2020 McCarty Hall D
PO Box 110270
Gainesville, FL 32611-0270
FAX 352-392-8988

Name Position/Specialization Office
Dr. Elaine Turner
Dean 2001 McCarty Hall D
Dr. Allen Wysocki
Associate Dean 2020 McCarty Hall D
Dr. Joel Brendemuhl Associate Dean 2020 McCarty Hall D
Dr. Heather McAuslane Assistant Dean 2020 McCarty Hall D
Katherine Passons Financial Officer 2001 McCarty Hall D
Ron Thomas Coordinator of Distance Education G016 McCarty D
Dr. H. Charlotte Emerson Director of Student Development and Recruitment 2020 McCarty Hall D
Cathy Carr Director of Alumni and Career Services 2020 McCarty Hall D
Dana Edwards Strategic Communications Manager 2020 McCarty Hall D
Kylie Brannen Administrative Assistant to Dean Elaine Turner 2001 McCarty Hall D
Annette Isenhour Senior Secretary for Dr. Joel Brendemuhl and Cathy Carr 2020 McCarty Hall D
Caitlyn Lee Administrative Support Assistant II for Dr. Al Wysocki and Dr. Charlotte Emerson 2020 McCarty Hall D
Aaron Sotala Instructional Designer G008 McCarty D
Michael Harrington Instructional Designer G005 McCarty D
Wendy R. Williams Director of IT Services 3081 McCarty B
Dr. Natalie Coers Program Coordinator
CALS Leadership Institute / Teaching Resource Center
2020 McCarty Hall D
Jane Dolder Program Assistant
Undergraduate Admissions / Drop-Add
2020 McCarty Hall D
James Fant Program Assistant
Degree Certification / Degree Audits / Curriculum
2020 McCarty Hall D
Matthew Brannan Program Assistant
Graduate Student Records / Distance Education
2020 McCarty Hall D
Malissa Redden Program Assistant
Classroom Scheduling / Course Evaluations
2020 McCarty Hall D
Jenai Collins
Program Assistant
Special Events and CALS Ambassadors
2020 McCarty Hall D
Glen Graham Senior Multimedia Specialist G005 McCarty D